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    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    Arguments and Apologetics Pt. 2

    This is the last installment of Arguments and Apologetics. Something I've found to be true is that we Christians are natural arguers. It's true! Say for example I say: "I am voting for Obama in this coming election. I feel McCain's policies are dumb and Obama's rock." This simple statement would be commented upon post-haste! I would have people asking me about my faith, people asking me how I can be a Pastor and vote for "a disgusting liberal". Literally I might be asked how I could be a CHRISTIAN if I voted Obama!
    Or for example, I say something slightly less controversial. Say, I simply say: "I read Harry Potter". This is controversial, but slightly less than the Obama idea. This statement would bring people arguing that J.K. Rowling is a witch(which she claims in Newsweek Sept. 2001 article this is false) and other such non-sense.
    First, let me make myself clear. I am by no means UN GUILTY of these very same arguments! I've said these things and believed them as well. My point is simply that we Christians argue...ALOT.
    It is intriguing to me how controversial things can be. It also pains me as a Christian, that we (myself included) run, head first into such arguments. What really ends up happening is that these arguments seem (or to be honest ARE) bitter, with malicious intent. We'd rather win an argument than lose one, so we pull the God card. If we feel Obama is not the right guy in office, simply say: "I don't think he's right for office, so I won't vote for him". There is no need to attack a persons CHRISTIANITY over it, just so you can be "right".
    This also translates to how we witness. If someone you know says: "I don't believe in God". Don't sit there and try to "debate them into the Kingdom"! They won't budge and in fact, your debate tactic will end up turning them OFF to the gospel...because they will feel you care more about being "right" then you care about them. Here's how we can still win people for Christ, if we let go of arguing people into the Kingdom: Live a life where Jesus is CONTAGIOUS. Allow God to so permeate your life that people catch Jesus. You're not force feeding them, your showing them. Allow your life to be a conviction or a stumbling block to the un-believer, so much so that they realize that the way they've been living seems like a lie (because it is) to them!
    Build many honest relationships, where people can see the Christ that lives in you. Befriend the "sick" as Jesus did..for they need the Doctor. Yet do as Jesus did and simply be with them and they will be transformed! If it was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me!


    Erik said...

    Digging the new layout. As for the article I say "hear hear!" good stuff.

    Let me know if you need help customizing anything :)

    Anonymous said...

    Right on, brother.

    Love the new layout.

    Erik said...

    why don't you use post labels? They're fun :)