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    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    Youth Groups!!

    Time has again, slipped away from my grasp! I was going to blog about Tuesday Night Youth Group, but was distracted by a day of meetings yesterday...today however, I can write about both Tuesday and Wednesday Night!

    On Tuesday Night, we were again discussing the overall topic of releasing your burdens. This weeks burden was on Grief. Grief is a gigantic topic for anyone, so of course we didn't cover the whole realm of it. However, Marko (he taught this week) talked for about 7 minutes, describing his bouts with grief, going back to Psalm 23 and describing David's writing of the Psalm. Right after Marko's 7 minutes, we started a Nooma video titled: Matthew. (For those of you who don't know, Nooma is a video series done my Rob Bell and his church). This Nooma video described the the pain of loss that Rob Bell felt, and how he grieved it. Grief is OK, but we don't need to carry it around. The message was powerful and amazing and many teens were touched.

    After the video, we immediately broke into small groups, and discussed some grief in our own lives, or things that happened in out lives that we had not yet grieved. It was a great time of openness and great discussion!

    Jr. High Youth Group was a lot less INTENSE than last week. We had about 20 students and most were calmer and better listeners than they were last week. However, there was still some stuff. Anyways, God used the time we had together! We had tons of fun playing "malady volleyball" in which people on each team had some maladies of varying kinds and had to play the full time with that malady!

    After the games, we started our talk on IDK JC (#2). We saw the old accusations of Jesus being Liar, Lunatic or Lord. I shared with them how I believe Jesus was/is Lord. I shared again about the change in the disciples, and how they wouldn't die for a lie. The students seemed to really catch this fact, because they wouldn't die for a lie. I also shared a little bit about my life and shared how I now God is Lord, because of how he changed my life and my families life. This really connected with them and they were quiet the entire time I discussed my life and the change God brought.

    God is an amazing God and despite what Satan tries to do, God always shines brighter, always works better and always defeats the darkness!