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    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Tuesday Night Youth Group

    This month, the Sr. High theme for this month Releasing Our Burdens. We are taking the youth through Psalm 23, listening to the insights that David gives us on our way to releasing our burdens unto God. This week, we discussed the issue of releasing the burden of guilt.

    Guilt is a dominating force in our lives if we let it. We have to realize the difference between guilt and conviction. Conviction is the sense of "wrongness" that the Holy Spirit gives us in order that we may repent. Once we repent, the Lord forgives us and puts the sin as far away from us as East is from the West, he also throws the sin behind his back, no longer looking at it or bringing it up. Guilt is the lingering feeling that we are losers because we sinned, we did wrong. It's the constant voice that reminds us of how pitiful we are because the sin we already repented from was done.

    Guilt can consume a person, but Christ eliminates our guilt with the power of the cross. We are no longer guilty, but saved ad forgiven. This was the message we brought to the teens last night. We discussed this issue in small groups a little more in depth...but these are the main points.

    To be honest, the games last night stunk (I sometimes pick games that in my head and in theory look awesome, but when done in actuality STINK). So, if you have some sweet ideas for good games that in actuality ROCK give me a holla!