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    Sunday, September 28, 2008


    I hope the title caught you. Seeing how this election is seemingly taking over peoples lives and every thought, I thought I would bate you on the topic of "The President". Honestly though, I'm not here to talk all Obama or all McCain. I am writing this little ditty to bring forth some questions about a book I am currently half-way through.

    It seems that a ton of my blogging recently has been my reading fodder, which is not such a bad thing, but I know it can be excessive sometimes. However, I am reading the book entitled: Jesus for President. It's a new book released just this March by Zondervan. The thing is, I really like a ton of what the authors (Claiborne and Shaw) are saying, but then I feel they go all extremist on you within a turn of just a few pages. I don't know if I am reading into it all but mostly I feel like this: "Yeah guys, preach it!! Keep preaching that, I think the world needs to hear that..." then out of nowhere I feel like this: "What the heck are you smoking, no we shouldn't do that...I really don't think that's true. What the freak did you just say?! I want to put this book down now..."

    If you're out there and you've read the book and felt similar reactions, let me know...I hope (and suspect) I'm not alone. Like I said, the messages in this book are pretty profound...some are prophetic even, then I feel like they throw their own stuff in and it ruins the flow of the HS I'm getting reading it.

    This seems to be the only place/way I can wrestle with these ideas. Oh yeah, what's up with the authors always saying "The Way" so much. I know it's true, but every time I read them saying "The Way" I think they are big fans of the cult and are trying to propogandize the readers...???

    OK, I'm done, please, please tell me your thoughts...I am just hungry for feedback on this book.