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    Thursday, August 28, 2008

    Weird Blip of the Heart...

    Have you ever had one of those events that occurs that really hits you in the heart and you can't explain why? Not 2 hours ago, this happened to me. I instantly prayed and asked God why it stung so much. Because it was a simple joke, nothing more, nothing less. A funny thing really, yet it struck a chord in my heart that made me want to run away and hide.

    This is a rarer occurrence then it used to be. I used to get wounded more often because I struggled with pleasing man, rather than God. However, it still hit me in an odd way.

    The best I can explain it is this: You're playing football and you're the running back. You get the hand off and you run straight for the goal line. You get HIT really hard, but you get up and walk off the field as if nothing happened. Later, you realize that the hit you took stings a little and it is actually annoying you. You also soon realize after the first realization that if you don't nip this pain in the bud, it may very well overtake you.

    That's ind of what happened, so I prayed. Still don't know why it stung the way it did. Could quite possibly be something Satan is trying to trick me with...

    I know we all have these types of hits, so just wanted to let you know about mine :)