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    Monday, August 25, 2008

    Excited about New things

    New things are incredible. Some people hate change, but sometimes I seem to really thrive in the midst of chaos. We are doing some new things inside our leadership in the youth ministry. We are doing some new things in youth group and we are doing new things inside the church.

    a New thing for me is reading, which I am a HUGE fan of now. I used to hate reading...always loved writing, but reading never captured me the way it does now. I really got into reading about 2 yrs and some odd months ago, slightly before I got married. Being a husband is sorta new too, since it's only been 2 yrs and almost 3 months (Aug. 27th= 2 yrs, 3 months).

    New things provide new challenges, things yet un-explored (or maybe things that were failed but now have a 2nd chance).

    Another new thing for me has been writing this blog (and writing books), however, I won't bore you with this again, since I've already clearly defined all that just recently.

    So ma' point is New things are good...don't fear the new or the different, embrace it, love it and tackle that new thang...cuz it could be the best thing you do!