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    Monday, May 5, 2008

    Something funny for Monday

    As many of you may know, there have been several CRAZY things that have happened to me in my life...and I love to share them. Today's story is no exception.

    The year was 2004 and my then girlfriend (now wife Hilary) came on vacationto the Outer Banks, NC with my family for the first time. I had just finished my first year of college and Hilary and I were growing closer to each other...

    This isn't a sentimental story, so I will stop with the history and get to the goods. We all decided to go to the beach and swim and swim we did. We were in that ocean for a good 4-5 hours enjoying the waves, the sun and the great times. Soon however, it was time to eat. So we left the beach and headed towards the pre-shower showers which you use outside to get all the sand off BEFORE you go inside.

    Well, my turn was up and all day I noticed something in my swim trunks near my rear-end, yet ignored it, think it was a big chunk of sand or something similar...

    As my crazy life would have it, I stuck my hand into my trunks to search for this chunk of sand and pulled out a FISH!! There was a fish in my trunks near my butt all day long!!

    What did I do? Well, I ran outside and showed off my fishing prowess of course! I showed my butt-fish off and even put it on the window-sill in my room for all to remember and see my butt fish, the fish that came up my shorts and died next to my butt!!

    (This story is true) Have a GREAT Monday!

    PS...Yes, Hilary who was my girlfriend then DID marry me...I guess she loves a fisherman...