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    Thursday, May 22, 2008

    Coffee, Coffee, COFFEE! (Part 2)

    Today, I DID have my coffee and boy am I HYPER!! I was annoying everyone in staff meeting because I was so hyper (not really annoying, just livening them up). Todays coffee is Gold Blend from Starbucks. Freshly ground and freshly made. It's labeled "Extra Bold". Here's what I look like in my office (seriously this is true)

    Here's a quick video of my hyper-ness in action listening to the Afters :)


    Class 1 @ Fairfield said...

    Hey Marvin. Great Dance. Great tune. Reminds me of mid-nineties showgazing. I like your blog. Try my podcast "The Classic Albums Podcast" at www.classicalbums.libsyn.com

    Keep up the hyper grooving dude!