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    Tuesday, May 20, 2008

    BIG Dreams...

    I often sit and dream. People who know me, know that sometimes I come up with HUGE ideas for myself and the ministry that I am in. I often say things like: "I want to write a book, in fact I'm gonna" or "I want to speak at a conference with 10,000 people" or even "I want to be used to help design and organize Global Youth Ministry". These are my BIG dreams. They used to be due to pride. the ever present: "if only I have this, then I'll be BIG and people will know me" type of attitude.

    However, God has changed my heart and said that my dreams aren't wrong, my dreams just needed a new motive...to glorify God instead of myself.

    Let me encourage you to DREAM BIG...follow your God given passions, and don't surrender to the "I could never do that" thought! God has given us the gift of dreaming...we just need to attach the right motive to our dreams and that motive is to Glorify our Lord rather than others or ourselves. Use your gifts, allow God to grow you, stretch you and pull you! If you are a gifted orator, speak to millions. If your a gifted encourager, encourage millions, if you can write, write to millions and write tons! If you can preach, preach...these are God's gifts to you!

    What are you waiting for? Get dreaming!