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    Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    Wednesday (April 23) Youth Group

    Tonight, we finished our NOISE Theme. We talked about how the noise of the crowd can make us do some really stupid things in our lives. How the crowd can be so loud, that we don't even hear God over it all. I shared the Biblical story of Aaron and the Golden Calf. I showed them that Aaron, even after the Red Sea, the Egyptian Exodus, the manna and the quail and the 10 Commandments he still fell to the NOISE of the crowd.

    The People BEGGED Aaron to give in and build gods they could worship, and Aaron caved immediately! Not even a blink, or a blip is recorded in the scriptures but in mere seconds he does it!

    I shared that we too can fall prey easily to the NOISE of the crowd so we please them, and make us feel like we belong. I shared some of my crazy stories of falling prey to the crowd.

    Here is the video clip I used to start it all off! Enjoy!