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    Monday, March 10, 2008


    Recently, I've been reading a lot of Stephen R. Lawhead. His books are steeped in literary art, as well as Old English, Scottish, Welsh and Norse lore! All of those things have HUGE appeal with me...but what REALLY has the appeal is how he weaves his faith into his books.

    The most recent book of his I read was Byzantium. It's the story of an Irish Monk who sets out on a journey to deliver a hand-written, hand-crafted Bible to the Emperor of the Roman empire (who happens to live in Constantinople or Byzantium). His quest puts him through many trials, similar to those of Paul (except Aidan, the monk becomes a slave). He loses his faith in God during the travails in his life because he feels God has abandoned him.

    Here's where I really get into the book...he loses his faith. Stephen Lawhead (a Christian himself) really explores what it means for a person wallowing in doubt about God. I related with a lot of Aidan's feelings! However, in the end of the book, he finds his faith a new and it's because he realizes that Christ himself suffered on our behalf! Christ has gone through tribulations that you and I can't even fathom (can you say complete separation from God?) He suffered and died for us! NOTHING I go through could compare to that...and that's why God hasn't abandoned us...

    Life is FULL of trials and tribulations, why do we say God is good when life is good and God is bad when life is bad? He suffered just like we do...why would we expect wonderful, perfect lives? Praise God for His love, mercy and grace!